Wedad Al-Bakr

"It has always been my passion and pleasure to show the beauty of my culture and heritage through my artwork.

I believe that art is a crucial aspect of intercultural communication and understanding, for it authentically depicts the core of cultural identity. Today, art has the important role of supporting and promoting the values of tolerance, peace, and coexistence; it teaches us how to maintain respect for one another despite our vast differences. Art serves to unite rather than divide.


“Art for World Peace” is a project that began through the unity of three creative minds; Mr. Nejib Friji, head of the International Peace Institute MENA, Iana Stantieru, Managing Director at Europe’s Art Gallery, and Wedad Al-Bakr, artist and founder of Artwed Atelier. This project will serve as a platform for celebrating different cultures and emphasizing the importance of peace.


Art is a form that has no language, religion or race. It is a way to understand each other and embrace our diversity. Especially with today’s culture of liking, following, and subscribing, art has huge potential to bring people together."

- Wedad Al-Bakr, Manama, Bahrain