Wedad Al Bakr, Saudi Arabia
Wedad Al Bakr

After receiving a Bachelors’ degree in Arabic Literature and Education, and completing Master of Arts courses in Arabic Poetry, Saudi artist Wedad Al-Bakr commenced her artistic journey. She obtained a Fine Arts Diploma at City & Guilds, London in 2002.

Since 2004, Wedad has participated in exhibitions both internationally and locally as an exhibitor, curator, and organizer. Her paintings were exhibited in Athens in 2009, and at the Palace of United Nations in Geneva in 2010. In 2013, she founded her own studio "Artwed Atelier", where she currently teaches and practices her art.

Wedad held a solo exhibition at the Buzaboon House in Muharraq, Bahrain in April 2015. Another one of her solos was held at the Bahrain Financial Harbour in 2016. In October of 2016, her latest solo exhibition ‘We’ took place in Dubai in collaboration with the Club of Innovation and Scientific Research. In addition to her solo exhibitions, in October of 2015, she was selected amongst 46 international artists to participate in the Florence Biennalle in Italy. She also displayed artwork at the "VIEWS" art exhibition in March 2016. Wedad's art was also featured at the Presidential Floor of the Committee of Regions, European Union, Brussels in June 2016. A collection of her paintings were showcased at the National Museum of Ethnography of Moldova. In April 2017, Wedad co-organized an exhibition of donated artworks to the International Peace Institute MENA (IPI), which took place at the IPI offices in Bahrain.

Wedad is Europe's Art Gallery coordinator in the Gulf Countries and the cofounder of the “Art for World Peace” program. Her works are housed in several private collections across GCC, London, Washington D.C, New York, Athens, and Istanbul.

Through her art, Wedad Al-Bakr aims to share the charm of her heritage; it's poetry, music, art, and simplest traditions.