Soha Elfar

Ambassador of Egypt to the Kingdom of Bahrain

"Women have proven their will and capacity to communicate with one another, across borders and cultural barriers, working together, building peace and enriching societies.

Women, as half the citizens of our planet, have an undeniable stake in the future. They are the educators of children in peace to encounter the limited ability to change the mentality of the adults, who often live in a world of prejudice. Women have proven their indispensability to the process of nation building through their political, economic and intellectual empowerment.

Art is a fire that frees the beholder and enhances the ability of the onlooker to open up to life and enjoy beauty, diversity; thus creating peace within the individual and society. In my personal opinion art and peace are two sides to the same coin, humanity and individuality.

So come on, let us use art to wage peace."

- Soha Elfar, Manama, Bahrain