Nejib Friji

Director, Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

International Peace Institute

"Women are yet again leading one of the most noble missions leading to the promotion of the Culture of Peace.

From different parts of our planet, they swiftly and efficiently gathered and put their inspiration, artistic talents and commitment to initiate Women In Art For Peace to join The International Peace Institute (IPI) in its long-standing history of promoting peace, security and sustainable development through research, analysis, and convening.


I am proud of this undertaking and feel encouraged by this unique endeavor of support the Women in Art for Peace Project present to IPI and all efforts of peace advocacy.

- Nejib Friji, Manama, Bahrain

Women of different backgrounds are uniting in an excellent product of fruitful collaboration among artistic schools, organizations, cultures and civilizations to lead a common mission of reinforcing peace.

Women In Art illustrate determination, good will, courage, altruism, selflessness  goes beyond showcasing the art of the many talented women artists from stable, conflict and post-conflict countries. It also provides an artistic reflection on the Sustainable Development Goal No.5 – Gender equality, and Sustainable Development Goal No.16 - Promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

The Women in Art for Peace Project came to life thanks to the brave and talented individuals.

I salute Ms. Iana Stantieru, the Managing Director of the Europe’s Art Gallery, Mrs. Wedad Al Bakr, a Saudi artist and peace activist, and all prominent women artists. These women influencers are the driving force, proving women empowerment not only in art, but also all layers of our life. They are the role models for millions of girls and young ladies around the world.

I am most grateful to these inspirational women leaders for who they are, what they stand for and what they do to promote the culture of peace for us and for the future generations. I am convinced that many other women would follow suite to make Art For Peace one of the key tools to make peace prevail in the minds and souls of all of us."