Mouna Chouk



My deep-rooted humanist convictions, my universal culture and my wide view as an artist, as a painter, I regard myself as a citizen of the world, a nowhere woman. I can't help sharing with other humans moments of intense joy and happiness. To my mind, every human-being regardless of his/her race and regardless of her/his religion deserves to live in peace and dignity. I’m not a dreamer if i believe in a brotherhood among mankind .I think that peace is not a mere hollow slogan, it’s not as impossible dream .As an artist, I do my best every day and every moment in my work and in my everyday life to appease those who suffer and to make our world a peaceful one .With a little bit of love, there will be no room for hatred anymore. May peace prevail all over the world!

Mouna Chouk


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Peace - Mouna Chouk -Acrylic on canvas

Peace - Mouna Chouk -Acrylics on canvas