Miranda Rumina



For me peace is the essential right that each of us should have. It means security for whatever I want to achieve, for my personal growth, for the benefit of everyone around me. I cannot be happy if someone around me suffers. Peace should be the general right with which we should be born, while aggression, being unnatural, should vanish from this world. Even though this is an ideal point of view, I think, it is the most natural perspective.


Women carry, with our sensitivity and possibility of giving birth, a much grander responsibility in this world. We are created to show to the world how vulnerable it can be - like the ecosystem, political and economic roles. We easily create peace around us. If many women were on the highest positions in the world, there would be no wars because they are unnatural and merely a totally unnecessary power game. Women will be great leaders and, by becoming more involved, will change the horrible situation on the planet with their enlightened heart and intelligence.


What I and other female artists who I have met do, is, to work in deep mediation and really care for matter. This can be seen from our work that is very sensitive but also very powerful in its expression. Every creation done in this way contributes to peace even if it does not seem to be connected to it. I also did different art projects that directly united art and peace - for example Miranda’s Artistic Angel Cards, a calendar Micro Ideas For Macro Peace, Angel Of Peace in different techniques, formats and in different periods of time. Since my name starts with ‘mir’ which means ‘peace' in Slovenian language, I feel that I should be contributing even more to this aspect, although I have dedicated quite a lot of my time, work and energy to it.

So whatever is now bringing attention and provoking us inside (which art usually does) is contributing to harmony and consequently to peace on the whole planet. Every act created from deep meditation is a piece of art in itself and it contributes to peace in general. Every other act that is not artistic can be of the same nature. Even if I cook a meal and I am in a tranquil, meditative state of mind, I can create a peaceful environment.

Miranda Rumina

Ljublana, Slovenia

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Past / Present - Miranda Rumina - 80x80 - Acrylic on canvas