Marwa Al Khalifa



Marwa Al Khalifa, Bahrain

Women in society have a major role in being the peace makers at home and the communities around them, they are the driving force behind the sense of calm that creates comfort and stability. As an artist it's calming to create and share the creativity. Art is is a great way to communicate and express a message, but rather than writing it out the artwork becomes the field for the viewer to understand it in his own interpretation. The joy for me as an artist is listening to the different interpretations as I get to understand my artwork in a different way and it's thrilling when they have the same understanding I had while creating the piece.

The work " standing strong " grew out of a larger series in which I have focused on aspects of a women. I felt compelled to create a work that conveyed the complexity of womanhood.  I sought to visually represent both a woman’s strength and her vulnerability.

I began by searching for a material that was strong as well as fragile. Through synchronicity, I stumbled upon a wooden packing crate.  Plain and functional, it carried the message: GLASS HANDLE WITH CARE. The wood, organic and resilient, was an ideal metaphor for that protective strength that a woman possesses that enables her not only to protect herself, but also those closest to her.  Much like life, the process of shipping deals damaging blows to the wood.  Its strength is not absolute, but like a woman on a mission, it perseveres, and silently continues to protect what is on the inside.

Inside are the box’s fragile contents.  The glass is neither as tough nor as resilient as the wood.  Hidden from general view, it is the signifier of a woman’s sensitive, vulnerable side.

This body of work is a journey of self-exploration as a woman into what constitutes real strength and the realization that vulnerability is very much a part of a woman’s strength.

Marwa Al Khalifa

Manama, Bahrain

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Standing Strong,  Marwa Al Khalifa, Mixed media

Standing Strong - Marwa Al Khalifa -Mixed media