Irina Greciuhina Republic of Moldova


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She follows the sun!

She follows the light!

She follows the time!


The light is firstly the knowledge and the truth of understanding of the happening's essence.

Following the sun means constantly looking for the philosophical principle of absolute truth. Addressing the sun is the addressing genuine spiritual sensei who with his warmth and brightness will help to get the enlightenment.

He will help to free oneself from the ignorance of the illusion of relative existence and to find an absolute... the unalloyed phenomenon of eternity, which never borns and never dies.

I am.... and I am absolute. It is a magical dissolution of material mediocre nature into the spiritual nature, the independent nature, the nature without framed consciousness. The nature itself is the frame and source of all beings, and its energy feeds all our amazing and incomprehensible world.

Irina Greciuhina

Republic of Moldova

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A drizzling down center of harmony.jpg

A drizzling down center of harmony, 2019
150 x 200 cm - Acrylic on canvas