Iana Stantieru

Executive Director

Europe's Art

"Art in its many forms can reach across cultural and social divides and open a positive channel for communication in today's divided society.  With strong evidence pointing to the impact of women's influence in effective peace negotiations, women in art can lead the way in peace building and peace keeping through their creative spirit and common interests.

When I met Wedad Al-Bakr,  eventhough we were raised in very different societies and cultures, our shared love of art and creativity led us to becoming great friends. Alongside Nejib Friji of the International Peace Institute, we founded the Art and peace movement to scale these friendships across all artists and all art appreciators regardless of age, race or sex. Art truly has the power to unite people and cultures. 'Women in Art for Peace' is a big step towards achieving this promise."

- Iana Stantieru, Brussels, Belgium