Teen Artists Learn the Art of Business for College, Career Success

So many artists struggle to make a living. But the tide is shifting for the next generation.


This week, I sat down with the CEO of Girls With Impact, the only live, online entrepreneur and leadership program for teen girls.


Jennifer Openshaw, nationally known financial leader who’s appeared on Oprah, explained that Girls With Impact was designed with Harvard experts  to give the next generation an advantage for college and career -- and ultimately increase the number of women at the top of organizations. 


“Whether your daughter’s strength is in art, arithmetic, or astrology, it’s essential she understand the fundamentals in business,” Openshaw told me. 


“These girls are getting a huge advantage as a result of our program – from a boost in confidence and leadership skills to full rides to college.” 


Openshaw, who has a rich background in financial services and Silicon Valley, explained how the next generation needs to be prepared for the gig economy and the changing nature of work. 


Success – whether in art or other areas – takes collaboration, strategy and the ability to market effectively. 


Since 2017, the program has served girls in five countries – the US, Africa, India, Mexico and Pakistan. 


Jody Bell, who just graduated high school, created a timely  venture through Girls With Impact given the focus on immigration in the U.S:  In Case of Deportation, to provide an information resource to teens her age. 


Jody Bell, at 16, gives her elevator pitch for her project – In Case of Deportation (I.C.O.D.) – which made an international impact.


“I don’t know how to explain it, but I feel powerful,” she said just three weeks into the program.


Since then, Jody has launched her venture and made international news.  She received a $20,000 scholarship and placed in the honors program of her new college, and even was given a delegate seat on the Mock United Nations.

Hadia Khatri created Designed for You, an affordable interior design company, through her Girl With Impact experience.

Jody’s mom explains that girls learn how to take an idea and bring it to life.


“This is business conditioning my daughter needs in life,” said Dr. Steve Allee, a father of a Girls With Impact graduate said.


Girls With Impact assesses the progress of girls who undergo the curriculum.  The program reports powerful outcomes including:

  • 2x increase in leadership confidence

  • 81% more likely to major in business or entrepreneurship

  • 100% feel more college-ready


The girls are encouraged to leverage their Girls With Impact projects and learnings in internship interviews and college applications as a way of setting themselves apart.


The program is offered year-round each quarter and is delivered live, from the comfort of home. Tuition is $495 for the coach-led program, a start-up kit, and graduation.   


In addition to the skills and confidence, girls graduate with a business plan, venture pitch and protoype – all of which can be leveraged in college and job applications.


“When I see what these girls are doing at 14, 15, and 16, I can’t imagine where they’ll be 20 years from now,” said Linna Yuen, a mother of Jamie Lee, who also graduated and launched.


Apply now for the Fall program, which starts October 7.

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