Eleonora Brigalda

Republic of Moldova


Eleonora Brigalda, Republic of Moldova

I was born in peacetime. About the horrors of the former wars I knew only from books, movies, or from stories of parents and grandparents. This was until the beginning of the military conflict in 1990, after proclaiming the independence of the so-called "Transnistrian Moldovan Republic". I did not think things would change so fast. War is not something you can expect, or for which you can be prepared. I still remember those feelings of terror and fearfulness that I have tried...

I am convinced that war, violence and terror are inadmissible in the third millennium. We all want to be happy to live in peace and quiet. Any war brings chaos, hatred, and ends up with lost lives. The war leads to the degradation of the significance of some values, and art is meant to promote the values that have been definitively implemented in national and universal heritage.

Fundamental aesthetic values have been configured over time by exploring the characteristic aspects related to the manifestation of human attitudes to the various hypostases of reality embodied in processes taking place in nature, in society. The formation of human personality presupposes education through aesthetic fundamental values, values specific to artistic creation. These values guide the human personality, motivate, and direct his actions, his thinking and his behavior in society. The formation of the ability to perceive and use aesthetic values supposes the formation of consciousness and aesthetic behavior of personality.


Through their works, women working in various fields of visual art report the viewer to the outer world (the world beyond) and to his own inner world (the intimate universe). Thus, by initiating processes of cultivating aesthetic taste, artistic education becomes a key element in peacebuilding.


In the world of controversies, identity conflicts and social cohesion, the maintenance of peace and the strengthening of intercultural, interethnic, interpersonal dialogue becomes a primordial necessity.

I believe that through the establishment of cultural-artistic connections, through dialogue and exchange of experience, women artists contribute to the creation of a common space for the manifestation of art, a peaceful one, by promoting cultural values, artistic and educational practices. Creating an interactive communication space, overcoming geographical and internal barriers, transcending social complexities and frustrations, so as the personal ones, would be one of the goals we could all be aiming at. The social context of the present is divided and often manipulated by various religious, political, ethnic and economic, factors. The mission of the artist, in my opinion, would define in finding and exploring the points of connection and understanding, in the peacebuilding approaches necessary to interrupt the conflict dynamics

Eleonora Brigalda, dr. în studiul artelor, profesor universitar

Chisinau, Moldova

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Spring Peace - Cezara Kolesnik -80x80 -Oil on canvas

Fata Morgana - Eleonora Brigalda -80x80 -Mixed media on canvas