Balqees Fakhro


Biography (English)

Biography (Arabic)

Peace must begin internally within each individual, embedded into one's personal principles and beliefs.  Externally, it is the duty of society as a whole to provide a just environment for all its citizens, through education and health care, and spread awareness about the rights of all members of society, especially the disadvantaged.  It must allow for societies and charitable institutions to exist and allow volunteers the opportunity to help and support those who cannot support themselves. Globally, local institutions must be allowed to easily cross borders and help other international communities in need of assistance.  For example, we have local charities in Bahrain gathering aide and support for local communities, as well as children in war-torn Syria and natural disaster survivors in the Philippines and Haiti.  Both women and men must contribute equally to promoting peace, and gender should not be an issue, especially when volunteering, if their circumstances allow.


Through their own individual styles and mediums, women in art can express and share the message of peace through the universal language of art. I express myself through abstract paintings and use areas of color and light and dark to create a visual composition that is open to the interpretation of the viewer.  Among the many functions and purposes of art, is that it reflects the contemporary issues facing society.  It can thereby be used as a platform to outline problems that we need to overcome, such as violence, poverty, and injustice, as well express things we hope to achieve and aspire to, such as peace, love, justice, and equality.

Balqees Fakhro

Manama, Bahrain

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Balqees Fakhro - 100x100 - Acrylic on canvas